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Name:           Passenger Elevator
Model:           DK001
Category:     Passenger Elevator
Click:   2238
Commodity Explanation

Speed: 1.0m/s - 5.0m/s

Car wall:Hairline stainless steel
Ceiling:Hairline stainless steel frame,acrylic top panel
Handrail:stainless steel round pipe

VVVF drive
VVVF drive for door operator
VIP runing
Shaft floor distance self-tuning
Full collective control
Overload automatic pass
Instnt door close
Repeated door opening
Car stops and doors open
Car arrival gone
Car call canel
Light curtain protection
Overload holding stop
Inspection operation
Self diagnosis
Door close repeat
Top/Bottom limit and final limit protection
Down/Up runng protection
Micro-touch button for car
Floor and direction indicator in the car
Floor and direction indicator at hall
Emergency car lighting
Inching operation
5-party intercom
Car bell
Fire emergency return
Car illumination/fan automatic shut-off
Lock elevator

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